Holiday Shout-outs!

KSNV News 3 is looking for students/teachers to do some shout-outs during the holiday season to recognize their favorite teachers or classes. If you submit a video giving shout-outs to your favorite teachers or classes or wishing everyone happy holidays, there is a chance it will be featured ​during their​ news segment on Christmas Day! Here is an example of a script the students/staff may use: "Hi, I am [STUDENT FIRST NAME/STAFF NAME] from [SCHOOL NAME]. I just want to give a special thank you to [TEACHER NAME/CLASS] for being a great teacher/educator/administrator/class. Happy Holidays!"
We have created a Google Classroom for you to upload your videos. Use the code b74csap or click the link below to add yourself and upload a quick video: 
Even if none of our videos get featured, this is a great way to recognize our amazing staff and students within our school!