Welcome 7th grade students and parents.  I am so happy to be working here at Escobedo!!! A little about myself, I have been teaching for 14 years now, in both middle and elementary school.  I love science and all that it entails. I have a deep love of learning and watching others learn for themselves.  Everything around us is science, and I try to instill that in each and every student I come in contact with.  Again, I am so glad I can be here to guide your children to have a love of the world around them through science.  

Recent Posts

6th Grade Science

6th Grade Science will be working on thermal energy and energy transfer the remainder of the unit.  The students will be presented with a problem this week and will learn the content on how to design a solution.  "How to transport a snowman in the desert?"    Each student is logged into their Google Classroom, and this week if you are linked in Infinite Campus I will be sending out the requests, this will allow you to see the work as well.  
I know that you did not get to meet me at open house, but I will not be generally sending "homework."  Most work that you see coming home is unfinished in class.  A majority of the work is done in class, and if a student is absent it is hard to make up the labs and this may have to be done at home or before school.  I do a daily "Do Now" worksheet that is a review of yesterdays lesson that will be turned in on Fridays.  

7th Grade Science Chemical Reactions Project

We will be continuing to work on our chemical reactions unit this week.  Last week we were mixing different chemicals and identifying different reactions, and we noticed that our tap water is different than if we would have used bottled water.  This week I will be introducing the story behind our project.  We will be using relevant information about the local desert tortoise and looking at ways to build a container to move the eggs to incubation sites.  

Week of September 2

This week I will be getting the students enrolled into their Google Classrooms.  Google Classrooms is where most of their work will be assigned and turned in electronically.  The students will be logging and completing a majority of their work on the computers.  The students will still be turning in the Do Nows each day. 
For specific content we are still working on the standard:
MS-PS 1.1 Develop models to describe the atomic composition of simple molecules and extended structures.
We will be building on the understanding of atoms and molecules and stretching that idea into modeling extended structures by using online simulators to construct larger molecules using Gizmos and following investigations.  
The end of the week we will be having a Test over the content before we move into Chemical and Physical Changes.