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Electronic Text Books

Here are electronic copies of the text that students can access.   


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Threats to the Earth activity

Please visit Google Classroom if you need information about today's assignment. 


Here is a copy of the directions for today's assignment the Ecological Pyramid diagram (DUE DATE October 21st). It includes a template for recording the information for your biome and a template for the pyramid (remember you do not have to use the template, you can make your own diagram if you choose to).

compound project

Don't forget the compound project is due this Friday. we will have Thursday and Friday in class to finish it up, bring any supplies you need to work on it. 

Test correction due date.

Test corrections for the Changes in matter TEST are due on Wednesday October, 2nd. 

Test Next Week

Don't forget you have a test on physical and chemical changes next week. It will focus more on chemical changes than physical changes.

duty 9/16 - 9/20

I have morning duty all this week, so I will not be available before school

Monday's vocabulary terms (9/9/19)

Here are the words we added to our vocabulary list Monday.
1) Law of Conservation of mass.
2) Product
3) Reactant

Thurday 9/3/2019

Don't forget that there is a test this Thursday (9/3) over molecules.